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Publishing & Marketing Your Calendar is a comprehensive, step-by-step, "how to guide" to successful calendar publishing. Available only from the Calendar Marketing Association. This book is the first of its kind and includes valuable information such as:

  • What makes a successful calendar
  • Tips from the pros
  • Calendar styles
  • How to find and work with vendors
  • Easy-to-use calendars, holiday lists and information resources

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Directly From the Table of Contents, Here's Just Some of What's Covered:

Getting Started

  • A Short History of Calendars
  • Calendar Facts You Should Know
  • In the Marketplace
  • A Good Calendar
  • Targeting Trends
  • Types of Calendars
  • What a Calendar Costs to Produce
  • Know Your Codes
Marketing & Distribution
  • The Competition
  • Sales Statement
  • End Users
  • In the Publisher's Arena
  • What Editors Look for in a Calendar Query
  • Selling Through a Distributor
  • Sample Selling Terms
  • Specialty Markets
  • Q & A on Wholesalers and Distributors
  • A Word About Public Relations
  • Sample Cover Letter and News Release
  • Alternative Distribution Channels
  • The Fate of Leftover Calendars
  • Calendars and Coupons
Creative & Production
  • Assessing Your Needs
  • Money Isn't Everything
  • Finding a Photographer
  • Artwork
  • In the Stock Photo Agency
  • Prepress, Printing and Binding
  • Calendar Binding Techniques
  • Choosing a Printer and a Binder
Calendar Profiles/Tips
from Four Publishers

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